Wow, that certainly was a thorough response to my post and thanks for taking the time to read through it all. However, I do think you’re missing the big picture of what this post is really about. The idea that we can solve the climate crisis through free market fundamentalism is ludricous. Without proper regulations, corporations, who happen to be the largest GHG emitters, will not feel enough of a “push” to move towards sustainability in a quick enough manner to stave off the worst effects that climate change will bring. It is exactly during these times of crisis where free markets fail to deliver what society needs. Although I completely agree that the world is full of corrupt governments, let’s not forget who corrupted them in the first place. Corporate money in politics is the primary reason why governments seem to do little for the average citizen and tend to favor corporate-friendly policies. If you remove corporate money in politics, you remove most of the corruption.

Additionally, regarding the causes of the Great Recession, the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission had this to say, “While the vulnerabilities that created the potential for crisis were years in the making, it was the collapse of the housing bubble — fueled by low interest rates, easy and available credit, scant regulation, and toxic mortgages — that was the spark that ignited a string of events, which led to a full-blown crisis in the fall of 2008.” So, to simply blame one factor on the cause of the recession is just factually incorrect. There were several factors caused by poor decision-making of individuals, banks, and the government.

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Engineer and climate activist | Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Climate Conscious | Envisioning a brighter future emerging from solutions to the climate crisis

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