I misspoke in my previous comment. What I meant to say is that social democracies, not democratic socialism, like those in Scandinavian countries can be effective and they provably are. In social democracies, the aim is not to eventually become completely socialist, but rather to take the best parts of capitalism and socialism to create a better functioning economic/governing system, and again, it does actually work. Also, that video’s premise is completely wrong since it missed the nuance between democratic socialism and social democracies just as I did. Have Denmark, Sweden, or Norway failed as countries in your opinion? On the contrary, they’re some of the most successful countries in the world on virtually most things you can measure whether it’s income equality or healthcare outcomes. So, I suggest you do some more research before advocating for pure socialist or communist governments that have actually failed throughout history.

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Engineer and climate activist | Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Climate Conscious | Envisioning a brighter future emerging from solutions to the climate crisis

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